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One Treatment. Many Solutions.

The treatment does not change, but the amount of time you give yourself can have a big impact. Check out the different options, and find what will work best for you. If this is your first appointment, please consider "Initial Consult".


Initial Consult:
History, Assessment & Treatment 
80 Minutes

If this is your first treatment at Mind and Muscle Rescue, this is the best option for you. Physical pain, discomfort and stress can be complicated. To have the most effective treatment, we have to find the root cause of what is happening and create a plan for solving your pain. The 80 Minute Consult is the best way to start your healing journey with MMR.


"Hit the Reset Button"
80 Minute Treatment

This treatment is ideal if you are dealing with 4+ different issues at once. For instance, if a client has neck pain, lower back pain, arthritis in their fingers and a knee injury, 80 minutes is the ideal length for them. To ensure every issue is addressed fully. As each problem resolves/requires less treatment, shorter sessions are a great option.


"The Problem Solver"
50 Minute Treatment

The majority of MMR sessions are 50 minutes. This is the perfect amount of time to address most musculoskeletal issues AND give the client time to relax and unwind. A lot of work can be done in 50 minutes, especially since you will not have to spend any time getting undressed or dressed. All MMR treatments are done over clothes.


"Quick Tune Up"
20 Minute Treatment

This treatment is great if you have been with MMR for a little while, and your pain/problem has all but resolved, and now you just need a little tune up every now and then. 
Or perhaps you work in the area and love a lunch break refresh? This is perfect for helping you the most of the second half of your day, or shaking the stress off before heading home. 

If you are a business on Julius Avenue or close by, please message/email me for potential collaborations. 


"The Full Reboot"

110 Minute Treatment

"Have You Tried Turning It Off and On Again?"

This is the ultimate self care experience. Allow yourself the luxury of time to go deep and get a full body tune up. We will relieve any pains or musculoskeletal problems you have, while also allowing your nervous system a fully reboot. 


The Best Feeling Gift 
- Gift Cards -

Do you have someone in your life that could use a break? Is someone you love in pain? This is the ultimate gift. 

Gift Cards are available in the clinic or digitally. Please contact MMR for enquires.

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